Our position on the software market

Vitec focuses on vertical markets

Vitec is the market leader in Vertical Market Software in the Nordic region. We develop and supply standard products for various niches. This means that our offering is tailored to the unique needs and requirements of companies within a specific sector in order to manage and develop their business activities.

Vitec offers standardized products

Our standardized products are cost-effective for our customers since they can assimilate developments and upgrades made for the entire industry. In this way, we provide our customers with maximum opportunities to develop and future-proof their business.

Vitec has a high proportion of proprietary products

We are specialists in the circumstances and needs of the various industries. The Group’s overall processes together with the employees’ many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the customers’ business create good conditions for development and continued innovation. Product development based on real customer benefits provides supportive and sustainable software over time.

A position with high barriers to entry

Each individual vertical requires a high level of specialization. This requires large investments for a new player to establish itself and often long lead times in product development. At the same time, the vertical markets are relatively small and the replacement cost for the customer is high, which reduces the chance for a new player to achieve a return on investments made. Within each vertical, there are often a few smaller players specializing in industry specific software. The more general software usually provides less cost-effective solutions for the unique needs of vertical markets. We always strive for a leading position in the verticals we are active in. This provides significant economies of scale that enable long-term profitability.




Products and markets

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