Products and markets

Our Group consists of around 30 different companies. The business operations are run locally with separate management for each vertical in the different countries. To obtain a comparable and manageable overview, we aggregate the figures and report each industry at Nordic level as one business area. No business area represents more than 25% of sales resulting in healthy risk diversification within the Group.

Business Area Auto

In Business Area Auto, Vitec offers software for the automotive and machinery sector in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The products support work processes, including vehicle sales, workshops, tire storage and distribution of spare parts. Read more about our product offering in each market:

Auto in Denmark
Auto in Estonia
Auto in Finland
Auto in Norway 
Auto in Sweden

Business Area Energy

Vitec develops advanced forecasting systems for electricity traders, as well as calculation and map systems for owners of electricity and district heating networks. The geographic market for the business area comprises the Nordic countries, the Baltic states, the rest of Europe and the Middle East. Read more about our product offering withen Business Area Energy:

Energy, all markets

Business Area Real Estate

Vitec offers software for the construction and real estate sector in Sweden and Norway. This includes comprehensive business systems for our customers' main processes, such as leasing, sales, customer service, finance, technical management and energy monitoring. Read more about our product offering in each market:

Real Estate in Norway
Real Estate in Sweden

Business Area Finance & Insurance

In Business Area Finance & Insurance, Vitec delivers software to banks and insurance companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In Denmark and Norway, we have renowned products for portfolio management, trade and order management. In Sweden, our products for pension and mortgage calculations hold a market leader position. We also develop software for insurance companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Read more about our product offering in each market:

Finance & Insurance in Denmark
Finance & Insurance in Norway
Finance & Insurance in Sweden

Business Area Education & Health

Our software in Business Area Education & Health are developed for health care companies in Finland and the education sector in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In Finland our offer is completely web based and used by medical centers, occupational health, hospitals, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers. Both in private and public organizations. For the education sector we develop and distribute reading and writing tools for people with read/write disorders. Several elementary schools and other companies within the education sector use our products in their education and communication. Read more about our product offering in each market:

Education & Health in Finland
Education & Helath in Denmark
Education & Health in Norway
Education & Health in Sweden

Business Area Environment

Within Business Area Environment Vitec offers software for waste management in Finland. The product is a market leader in Finland and manages the entire chain within waste management, from pick-up to billing, accounting and reporting. Our customers are both private and municipal companies. Read more about our product offering:

Environment in Finland

Business Area Estate Agents

Business Area Estate Agents offers software for real estate agents in Norway and Sweden. Our products support estate agents in all stages throughout the entire business process. From the time the property comes in, through marketing and offers, to finally concluding the deal and signing the contract. Read more about our product offering in each market:

Estate Agents in Norway
Estate Agents in Sweden