Our position on the software market

Vitec’s focus is on vertical markets

Vitec is the Nordic market leader in Vertical Market Software. We develop and deliver standardized software aimed at various niche markets. This entails adapting our offering to the unique needs and requirements of companies operating within specific niche markets, to enable the management and development of their business operations. Some of our software products comprise turnkey business systems, while others provide support for specific aspects of our customers’ operations.

Vitec offers standardized products

Our standardized products are cost-efficient for our customers, as they allow for the assimilation of developments and upgrades by all users. This enables us to provide our customers with the optimal conditions to develop and future-proof their operations.

Vitec has a high percentage of proprietary development

We are specialized in adapting to the conditions and requirements of various industries. The Group's overall processes, combined with the longstanding in-depth knowledge of our employees with regard to our customers’ operations, create conditions favorable to improvement and continuous innovation. Genuine customer-centric product development generates long-term value and software sustainability.

A position with significant obstacles to market penetration

Each individual vertical market imposes stringent demands on specialization. The establishment of a new player requires major investments and frequently involves protracted lead times in product development. At the same time, vertical markets are relatively small and involve considerable yield costs for customers, which diminishes opportunities for new players to generate returns on their investments. Within each vertical market, there are usually a few minor players who specialize in industry-specific applications. Generic software generally provides less cost-efficient solutions to the unique requirements of vertical markets. Vitec always strives to achieve a leading position within its vertical markets.

Products and markets

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