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Actions taken for the AGM with regards to the corona virus

The spread of the Covid-19 (corona) virus remains difficult to assess, and Vitec is closely following the development. With the purpose of protecting the health of shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and co-workers, several new decisions have been made regarding the company’s Annual General Meeting. The event will be adjusted as follows:

  • Registration is only from 17:00
  • No food or drink will be offered
  • Limited speeches at the meeting
  • The number of non-shareholders present will be limited
  • The AGM will be minimized in time, but without limiting the rights of the shareholders

Further, due to covid-19 and the authorities' recommendations and regulations to prevent infection, shareholders are urged to carefully consider not attending the meeting in person, but to attend by proxy.

Vitec offers a service, free of charge, to enable shareholders to vote whilst not being physically present at the Annual General Meeting. This means that any shareholder registered to attend the Annual General Meeting can appoint Vitec to vote on their behalf. The proxy is available here on our website or by sending an e-mail to - Vitec encourages shareholders to exercise their voting rights accordingly.