Board and CEO

The task of the Board of Directors is to manage the company's affairs on behalf of the owners. The Board's work is governed by applicable laws and recommendations as well as by the Board's rules of procedure, which include rules regarding the division of work between the Board and the CEO, financial reporting, investments and financing. The rules of procedure are determined annually at the statutory Board meeting, held in conjunction with the AGM.
Crister Stjernfelt.jpg

Crister Stjernfelt,  Chairman

Economic Studies at the University in Stockholm. Bromma, born in 1943.
Chairman since 2013, Director since 2009.
Chairman at Ortivus AB, AcelQ AB and Oryx Simulations Verklighetsmodeller i Sverige AB. Director of Digital Route AB, DGC One AB and Carmenta Sverige AB. Previously CEO of WM-Data AB and Logica AB.  
Independant of company and major shareholders.
Holds 8 000 B-shares.


Anna Valtonen.jpg

Anna Valtonen

PhD. from Department of Industrial and Strategic Design, Helsingfors, 2007. Helsinki, born in 1974.
Director since 2012.
Dean of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland and Vice President of Aalto University. Previously professor and President of the Umeå Institute of Design (2009-2014) and industry design in Nokia (1997-2009) e.g. Head of Design Research & Foresight. Several international assignments. 
Independent of company and major shareholders.
Holds no shares in the company.

Birgitta Johansson Hedberg.jpg

Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg

BA, Psykology 1972, University of Lund. Lidingö, born in 1947.
Director since 2011.
Chairman of Sörmlands Sparbank, Almi Stockholm Sörmland AB and The Swedish Linné Society. Director of Copenhagen Economics A/S and Hedberg Ekologkonsult AB. Previously CEO of Lantmännen, Föreningssparbanken and Liber 

Independant of company and major shareholders.
Holds 7 500 B-shares.

Jan Friedman.jpg

Jan Friedman

Master of Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics 1978. Stockholm, born 1952.
Director since 2010.
Chairman of Sportamore AB (publ), Nordic Public Affairs AB, Moment Group AB, Grönklittsgruppen AB and Ticmate AB. Director of  Malux AB. Many years’ experience as CEO, board member and consultancy assignments.

Independant of company and major shareholders.

Holds 258 650 B-shares through companies.


Kaj Sandart.jpg

Kaj Sandart

Civil Engeneering, KTH 1977. Stockholm, born in 1953.
Director since 1998.
Director at Hallvarsson & Halvarson AB, Baltic Sea Action Group Sweden and ,and deputy at Milox AB. Previously Communications Manager at ÅF and Svensk Energiförsörjning.
Independant of company and major shareholders.
Holds (with family) 121 000 B-shares.


Lars Stenlund.jpg

Lars Stenlund, CEO

PhD in Applied Physics (1987) at the University of Umeå. Umeå, born 1958.
Founder of the company 1985 and CEO since 1990.
Director of the University of Umeå, Algoryx Simulation AB and C4 Contexture AB. 

Holds 1 570 000 A-shares and 317 280 B-shares (including family).