The share

Vitec has issued two series of shares; A and B. Voting at the General Meeting will be of Series A-shares which carry ten votes and of Series B-shares which carry one vote. On December 31 2016, the total number of shares of Vitec was 29 396 690 , of which 3 500 000 A-shares and 25 896 690 B-shares. A-shares are not annotated.

Vitec B-shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm.

The ticker is VIT B and ISIN code SE0007871363 . The minimum trade is one (1) B-share.


Shareholders of Vitec has every year since 2003 received dividends. Our goal is that the dividend should be at least a third of the result after tax. It is always assessed with regard to the company's financial position.

Liquidity Guarantee

Liquidity guarantee ensures a specific spread, that is, the difference between bid price and selling price, while adding liquidity in the order book through a guaranteed minimum volume of shares on the purchase and sales side. A liquidity guarantee is in the current and prospective shareholders' best interests. The interest in trading in the company's share increases when the transaction cost and risk in the trading of shares decreases. This leads to a more accurate pricing and valuation of the company. By being a liquidity guarantee customer at Remium, Vitec also has access to a wide network of investors through small cap days and investor meetings.