Maintenance, service and EAM solutions

Owing to MaintALMA, information on machines, equipment, spare parts, and the related documents is available to anyone in a mobile manner around the clock.

Management of technical data and documentation

The ALMA product family includes a solution for the management of any technical data and documentation.

Projects and project management

With ALMA it is possible to centrally manage projects’ information and documentation from project’s initial planning all the way to the upkeep stage.

Real estate asset management

ALMA’s construction and real estate-related solutions can be used to enhance and support real estate use and maintenance, as well as to improve lifecycle management of buildings.

Electrical and automation data management

Electrical and automation data are often interrelated. Thus, change of data at one location will immediately affect several other locations. ALMA keeps changing information under control.

Standalone solutions

The ALMA system is divided into main areas, which comprise design, upkeep, data and documentation management. However, the solution ALMA offer are not limited to these. We can expand and scale the main areas or implement standalone solutions.


With the help of services supporting the ALMA information system, the customer can get the most out of ALMA.



Products: IT and data network assets

ALMA is a comprehensive asset management system mastering the various entities of the IT world, component areas of architecture and their interdependencies.


Harnessing knowledge for competitiveness

Organisations employ numerous applications and different information systems. ALMA offers a single integrated system that includes everything you need even for complicated information islands. With ALMA, the flow of information is ensured efficiently, securely and quickly.

ALMA’s services cover both technical documentation of projects and maintenance and consulting of information management procedures, as well as software commissioning, maintenance, development, training, and support. Based on our extensive experience, we also carry out maintenance process, status, and system surveys; for us, these are the key for submission of solution proposals for various development opportunities.

Let’s ensure your competitiveness together! ALMA makes sure that the invaluable knowledge and expertise created during the life cycle of your production plant are not lost but available to everyone who need them in real time and in a single system!