Maintenance, service and EAM solutions

Maintenance, service and EAM solutions

The lifecycle of production equipment in industrial plants should be extended as far as possible. This requires an efficient and optimised proactive maintenance strategy. MaintALMA is a modern system for managing and controlling industrial maintenance and mobile service business in various industries. The system is suitable for large and small companies alike.

The MaintALMA maintenance solution takes care of both more and less demanding service and maintenance needs. The system is scalable and well suited for a wide variety of environments. ALMA’s maintenance and material management functions can be utilised efficiently in the service business.

MaintALMA also masters inventory and materials management, contracts, and orders. In addition to own project and customer relationships management, the invoicing process can be controlled.

Therefore, MaintALMA is much more than just a maintenance system. It is a system suitable for addressing any questions related to enterprise asset management (EAM).

MaintALMA efficiently takes care of the following:

  • Cost monitoring and comprehensive reports for different levels: Management, superiors, work management, installers
  • Comprehensive calendar views for different levels: Management, superiors, work management, installers
  • Resourcing, planning, guidance and monitoring of preventive and downtime maintenance
  • Daily / weekly / monthly maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance: Fault and malfunction notices and troubleshooting
  • Shift and operation log
  • Measuring maintenance analyses
  • Inventory and material management functions, bar coding
  • Procurements and contracts
  • Management of technical documentation
  • Supplier, person, customer, product, material, etc. registries
  • Projects: Data management, planning, project progress, implementation and cost monitoring
  • Control over projects and design data and documentation
  • Occupational safety management: Risk assessments, work permits, safety discussions
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Mobile use needs
  • Connections and integrations into others systems: ERP, automation, invoicing, work time registration, remote monitoring, map, VR

MaintALMA is much more than just a maintenance system.

In ALMA, all information and events are integrated into a single package. Issues are intertwined and linked to each other in a smart manner, to prevent data from disappearing into their own silos.

MaintALMA can easily be connected to other data systems (IoT). These include, for example, ERP, financial management, invoicing, automation, production, remote monitoring, network monitoring, work time tracking, reporting, and VR.

Vitec ALMA’s services cover mapping of the customer’s environment, needs, and challenges; creation of a solution proposal; system deployment, training, upkeep, development, and support.

Similarly to other ALMA solutions and application areas, the MaintALMA system can easily be expanded to include other ALMA application areas.