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Management of technical data and documentation

DocALMA takes care of documentation

Profitable and competitive business is based on reliable documentation. DocALMA is a document management software designed for industrial requirements. It streamlines the organisation’s operation, as DocALMA shortens the time required for data retrieval and accelerates the decision-making process.

DocALMA is an efficient tool for managing even large amounts of data. The software harmonises the organisation’s data management. Up-to-date information is always available and the document editing history can be examined.

In the project start-up and pre-planning stage, ALMA can be utilised as a project bank. Through the project bank, the tendering materials and documentation can be shared between the parties needing them. Any materials necessary for tenders and procurements can also easily be output from ALMA.

DocALMA can be expanded and integrated into the plant’s master system. This enables efficient utilisation of the software in wider data and asset lifecycle management.

ALMA takes care of machines and equipment

ALMA manages product data related to machines and equipment. The following are brought together:

  • dimensioning data
  • spare part data
  • structural drawings, installation images, manuals and other documents
  • machine and equipment registries
  • official regulations and inspection reports

With the help of ALMA, product data and maintenance can be seamlessly integrated into machine and equipment lifecycle management.

ALMA makes even complex processes happen

ALMA manages the dimensioning data and documentation of production process and plant design. It allows gathering important plant data to a single place. All data can be utilised both in plant maintenance and in new development projects later on.

ProcessALMA is used to control:

  • flow and PI diagrams -unit, instrument, valve, line, and equipment lists
  • pipe classes, valve classes, type drawings
  • process reports and balance sheet calculations
  • thermal and flow engineering dimensioning
  • operating process description for automation design
  • cost estimates
  • standards and official requirements

ALMA manages electrical and automation data and documentation

With ALMA, management of electrical and automation data can be developed by stages. A project can started with structured and dependency-mastering documentation management all the way to database-based planning.

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ALMA manages industrial buildings and building services data

ALMA constitutes information management software for industrial properties, a kind of modern maintenance log. It supports versatile use and efficient maintenance of the property.

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ALMA controls IT assets and networks

With ALMA, you can have complete and easy control over production plant or real estate, as well as communication and remote monitoring network structure dependencies: network architecture, trunk cables, fibre optics, IT and network cabinets, fibre panels, connections, and ports.

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