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Efficient management of technical data improves work productivity. Data management improves production process quality and production, as well as ensures data security.

With ALMA’s solutions, you can easily and efficiently store and organise all technical documentation created during the lifecycle of a production plant. ALMA enables bringing all data together; information can always be found from the up-to-date integrated system.

ALMA considers all stages of a production plant’s life cycle. It ensures from the very start of the project that all data generated are immediately available. Information reaches everyone in real time: your own personnel, design offices and subcontractors.

The up-to-dateness of critical data and improved efficiency and rapid availability of data flow result in savings up to 30% during the planning stage.

Furthermore, information is not lost in ALMA; it remains at your disposal at all times. Owing to this, the system helps reduce and shorten production disruptions. ALMA is always an investment in the future, for all valuable data will be at your disposal in subsequent projects as well.