In foodstuffs production, strict and uncompromising compliance with official requirements is of utmost importance. Hygiene regulations require special attention. Because of this, continuous maintenance of production equipment and ensuring high production quality are imperative in the food industry. Clear records must always be kept of all stages of production, as well as of inspections. Production and processes require systematic supervision through self-monitoring and external audits.

With Vitec ALMA’s solutions, food industry companies can ensure compliance with all official requirements while managing and developing their own operations.

Production asset data, documentation, events, and the related records can be managed in a single system. The same system can be used to control the operation of a single or several production plants with equal ease. In case of systems involving several plants, the same master data can be utilised for optimisation of stock and item management between different plants, for example.

Read how our customers make use of ALMA in their business:

Pouttu: Read how a foodstuffs group utilises ALMA in its maintenance and operation in accordance with a quality syste

Salico: Read how a vegetable and fruit processor handles maintenance and self-monitoring with some help from ALMA.

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