Erillisverkot utilizes ALMA in the production control of their equipment facilities

9 March 2022

Leijonaverkot Oy, a subsidiary of Suomen Erillisverkot Oy, owns several protected equipment and cavern facilities in various parts of Finland. The secure facilities offer a solid base for reliable operation and continuity for numerous operators in different fields. ALMA’s maintenance book solution is used at these important locations to ensure trouble-free operation of telecommunications connections critical for many citizens.

The connections provided by the operators must function reliably, without interruptions. Because of this, is it essential for the maintenance of the equipment supporting the operation to be carried out on schedule and as planned. Power supply and cooling must be operational 24/7.

We utilise ALMA for control over the maintenance of equipment protection systems and for management of the equipment and documentation. As compared to our former information system, finding data from ALMA is much easier and the data are better up-to-date. This means improved speed and efficiency. At the same time, the carbon footprint of maintenance operations has been reduced, as installers no longer need to drive between maintenance sites just to be sure. Now, we can identify the need for equipment maintenance from the system in advance, says Pentti Uusitalo, Property Manager at Leijonaverkot Oy.

Leijonaverkot have used the ALMA maintenance book solution since 2020. Uusitalo and other users of the system (some 20 people) have been satisfied with it.

The system’s flexibility seems to allow many different uses, praises Uusitalo, who has been working with real estate technology for more than 20 years.