News: Pouttu utilizes ALMA extensively in its maintenance operations

2 November 2021

Pouttu introduced ALMA as its maintenance and quality system back in spring 2020. By now, a host of data have accumulated into the system, while the number of benefits from the system has grown.

There are hundreds of different machines at the Pouttu Oy production plant in Kannus, about 50 of which are directly related to the production process. Food business machinery must operate as planned and without interruptions. Otherwise, the plant’s performance will immediately suffer.

Using the data in ALMA, we can also produce various Top 10 fault lists for an overview of what and when has troubled the individual machines. With the help of the data, we can estimate, for example, the need for, and duration of, machine maintenance. This way, the machines are out of production for the shortest time possible, says Joni Määttälä, Maintenance Manager of Pouttu.

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