Efficient and secure implementation and operation

As a leading provider of capital market solutions in the Nordic region, we are very aware that you are not just choosing a system. You are also choosing a long-term partner with efficient implementation, who ensures that our customers are satisfied through a partnership based on good communication.

We are intimately familiar with the various business areas through close cooperation over many years, and several of our employees have a background in the sector. This means that the service we provide is matched to your daily work and practically oriented.

Services typically account for a significant proportion of the total budget when you switch to a new capital market solution provider. But this investment ensures that you quickly get up to speed and achieve the best possible return on your investment in a new capital market platform.

We are happy to arrange contact, at no obligation, with customers who have practical experience with our services.

We have the resources to support you, and know exactly what is required in order for our customers to achieve efficient and reliable operation. In the Nordic market we are known for providing exceptional service in relation to implementation, support, hosting and training.

“We are really delighted with the support function. We only ever encounter competent and service-minded employees.”

Sophie Jacobsen, Senior Team Manager, Private Banking Elite clients at Danske Bank

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“PORTMAN is a very flexible system. Regarding client relations, we achieve a much more agile solution with Vitec compared to many of the big international systems, which seem to be more inflexible."

Jeanette Engdal, CFO of Accunia.

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