About us

Software for the financial market

Vitec Aloc’s solutions fulfil professional requirements for investment and risk management, treasury and stock trading and are used daily by some of the most successful companies in the market.

Vitec Aloc is part of Vitec Software Group AB, which is listed in the Large cap segment on Nasdaq in Stockholm.  

Our services cover everything from consulting, analysis, integration and implementation to hosting. We are known for being an efficient partner that takes care of the whole process, based on Vitec’s core values.

The products are our foundation

Our product portfolio consists of the PORTMAN, IDEAS and SUPERPORT products. These support various solutions within our three main business areas – Wealth Management, Trading & Order Management and Treasury.

Keep it simple

We believe that easy solutions win out in the long run. Our products are therefore modular standard solutions based on a Windows platform. Our clients only pay for the modules they need. They also get systems that require few resources to operate, maintain and upgrade. Our subscription-based model offers guaranteed regular upgrades and customisations to your solutions. 

Trust and transparency 

We have around 75 employees, whose mission is to deliver high-quality process-supporting standard solutions. We offer an outstanding client experience, as part of our efforts to stay ahead of the market. We will ensure you get exceptional value, and believe that cooperation and responsibility are necessary to create the best results.

The main task of the support is to ensure that the systems are used optimally, while contributing to greater value creation for the client. When we partner with our clients, we do so with a long-term perspective. We develop our products partly in response to regulations and legislation, but also very much in cooperation with users, based on their experience and ideas.


Vitec Aloc works with a number of players, who each contribute to the sector with their expertise and competences

To rely on - today and tomorrow

Our products - our foundation

Vertical Market Software

Keep it simple


Simple solutions succeed

Trust and transparency


Collaboration and commitment favor fortune