Reliable implementation service

Implementation is one of the investments that ensures you commence reliable operation with ease. This means that you will achieve the best possible return on your investment in a new capital markets platform.

When implementing a system solution, good communication and matching expectations are the most important factors at Vitec Aloc. We are renowned for being a trustworthy and reliable partner, and our experienced consultants have the right skills to quickly familiarise themselves with your processes. They will help you through all stages of implementation by asking the right questions and making concrete suggestions.

At Vitec Aloc, we have a common interest with our clients in effective implementation, and we always clarify the time frame and budget in advance. A lengthy implementation process is in nobody’s interest.

We are intimately familiar with the various business areas from close cooperation over many years, and several of our employees have a background in the sector. This enables us to contribute qualified knowledge to the process, and not just be process consultants. The goal is to have satisfied clients, and we have a good track record in this regard.

We are happy to arrange contact, at no obligation, with a number of clients who have experience with our implementation process.

Vitec Aloc is big enough to handle the task, but, at the same time, they’re not so big that we don’t mean something to them...

Anders Bruun, CFO at PensionDanmark

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”The most noteworthy difference when collaborating with Vitec Aloc instead of the large international suppliers is that for Vitec Aloc we are a large client that is taken seriously, while for large organisations we are a small fish in a big pond.”

Lars Haram, CIO and Head of Asset Management at Oslo Pensjonsforsikring

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