Vitec Aloc support ensures high uptime and reliable operation

Support is a critical parameter when choosing a new capital market solution provider. You must of course ensure that the solutions functions meet your needs before you choose a given solution. But you must also consider how support is provided during everyday use, and what level of service you can expect from your new system provider and the associated costs.

Our support is renowned for the fact that our experienced employees understand your processes and systems beforehand, so they can help you in any corner of the solutions, by asking the right questions and giving the right answers.

Speed is critical. We respond quickly and professionally, so you can get on with the job. Otherwise we look at what it will take to get the system up and running again. We always investigate the source of errors, so that you can follow up afterwards. This promotes learning and the development of best practice in your organisation.

We have a common interest with our clients in fast and effective support, and we focus on a rapid response. We offer support during normal business hours, as well as the option of tailored support agreements, based on specific individual needs that support the full value of our solutions. The reliable solution for uncompromising clients.

We are intimately familiar with the various business areas from close cooperation over many years, and several of our employees have a background in the sector. This enables us to offer qualified knowledge in our support, and not just pass the ball from one to another. The goal is to have satisfied clients, and we have a good track record in this regard.

We are happy to arrange contact, at no obligation, with clients who have experience with our support.

“We are really delighted with the support function. We only ever encounter competent and service-minded employees.”

Sophie Jacobsen, Senior Team Manager, Private Banking Elite kunder at Danske Bank

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