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COCKPIT - Online dashboard

COCKPIT is an online dashboard for the Investment Management solution PORTMAN, which first and foremost gives you an easy overview - but also the opportunity for drill-down and look-through as well as tailor-made reports. COCKPIT is available as white label and is adaptable to your company's corporate identity when it comes to visual style, colours, fonts and logo.

COCKPIT is available in three versions:

    The dashboard for managers, specialists and investment advisers so they always have the full overview within reach. COCKPIT gives a complete overview of the composition of your portfolios, their development over time and detailed performance statements.

    It is also the investment adviser's primary tool for an overview of the clients' portfolios / depots and most often the starting point for the good dialogue with the clients.
  • COCKPIT Clientsite
    COCKPIT Client-site is your clients’ online access to a detailed overview of their investments. With the COCKPIT Clientsite, they can easily and simply see their investments and returns as well as generate tailored reports with just the information they need.

    COCKPIT Clientsite is the light version of COCKPIT and therefore gives your clients the opportunity to see limited but relevant information and functions that you have access to.
  • COCKPIT Mobile
    COCKPIT Mobile gives your clients a quick overview of their investments - anywhere, anytime.

citationstegn.png“We use COCKPIT every day in the investment department in Sparekassen Kronjylland. COCKPIT is very intuitive to use and provides a clear overview of the client’s securities, yields, composition, transactions etc. COCKPIT also allows you to view a total portfolio spanning two or more customers. It is also easy to search for specific securities across a group of customers. We use COCKPIT as a tool during customer meetings, as it works well visually.”

Christian Bryder Dolberg, Investment Consultant at Sparekassen Kronjylland.

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