User Group Meeting

Aiolos User Group Meeting 2019

28 -29th of October, Stockholm

Vitec welcome you to 2019 years Aiolos User Group Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. During two days users of our forecasting solution, Aiolos Forecast Studio meet for workshops, seminars and social events.

28th of October

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Welcome to the 17th conference
CEO welcomes the audience

13.15 Vitec´s journey with Aiolos Forecast Studio - for better forecasts
Forecasting team Manager gives her view on the system, now and for the future

13.40 How can AI models be used in Aiolos Forecast Studio
A preview of what is to come using AI models

13.55 HOME Live - a better overview of your forecasts
How the use of HOME Live can help you in your daily analysis of improving your forecasts

14.15 Forecast improvements using Aiolos Quality Service
Vitec´s experience in the importance of quality checks of incoming data
The development plan to have Aiolos Quality Service closer to the user

14.35 Customizing Aiolos using Model Studio Plugins
Existing Model Studio PlugIns and how they can be used

15.00 Coffee Break / Teamwork - Customizing Aiolos
Coffee and brainstorming - help us find new PlugIns that could help your daily work

15.30 Weather Point Optimizer -  Vitec´s new weather optimization tools
An overwiew & results of the new weather improvement tools

15.50 Model news part 1

16.20 Idés from Vitec´s Innovation Team  
Idea pitch and group discussion

17.00 - 17.30 Workshop + snacks
Idés for new development

29th of October

08.00 Summary
A summery of yesterdays topics in forecast improvements

08.20 Best practice 
From yesterdays teory to what to do in practice
What can I do as a user to improve my forecasts now and tomorrow

09.00 Model news part 2

09.25 Imbalance Price Calculator - News to come
Calculate costs for new customers in a advanced and systematic way

09.45 Coffee Break

10.15 Tips & Tricks
Functionalities to ease the daily work

10.45 Spring release 10.3 -  preview
A sneak peek on the most user friendly Aiolos version so far...

11.15 Vitec Hosting
What is included in Vitec´s hosted enviroment
Newly built Secure FileTransfer

11.35 Forecast Service agreements
Choose your level of service

11.50 Thank you!

12.00 Lunch

13.00 End of conference


For more information

Please contact me if you have any questions!
Marie Ek
Customer Relations Manager
+46 738 661 485, marie.ek@vitec.se


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