Educandi - Aiolos Essentials - Learn 4 parts in 4 weeks

17 September 2020

Part 1:
  • Daily work -  We’ll start with how to create forecasts and how you can validate them
  • Follow Up – We’ll cover how to follow up on forecast accuracy in Aiolos. How to find errors and how to learn from them and optimize your forecast

Part 2:

  • Model Theory – How does the models work and what data are they using
  • Autotune – How can I let Aiolos help me with testing and optimizing model settings

Part 3:

  • System configuration – How to set up a new series and other administrative tasks in Aiolos
  • Day Type Calendar – We will set up a calendar for your data. The calendar is used by the model to cluster similar days.

Part 4:

  • Warning codes
  • Warnings listed in the manual
  • Unlisted warnings
  • Tips on possible workarounds

    When making a forecast Aiolos Forecast Studio informs you if there is something missing or some unexpected changes in the indata of the forecast. This gives you a range of warnings to manage when they appear. In this session of educandi we will take you through the most common warnings and show you how to handle them.

Educandi is our educational platform that your company can buy a license for. You are free to attend as many sessions as you like. Most of them held online, and some at one of our Scandinavian offices.