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Release Notes

Release Notes


Aiolos Forecast Studio 11.3

11.3 is a major release with a lot of amazing new features. Main aim with the release has been Machine learning enhancements, automatic model weighting, price dependent forecasts, Indata improvements with automatic availability handling for windpower, GUI improvements and introduction of Regimes. Below follow the news in abbreviated form, but see also our Educandi-session on the topic. 382 improvements have been made since last version.

Aiolos Forecast Studio 11.1

11.1 I s a minor release with a few new features. Main aim with the release has been to clean up and solve old problems and to improve ML Models. 61 updates and fixes from the last version of Aiolos Forecast Studio has been performed.


Aiolos Forecast Studio 10.3

We are now releaseing Aiolos 10.3 which is our largest Aiolos upgrade ever. More than 400 improvements have been developed and the focus area for this release have been development/features to improve your forecast accuracy. We have improved the Day-type Calendar, our existing forecasting models as well as releasing our brand new AI Model Collection which is a number of “ready-to-use” AI & Machine learning models.

Aiolos Forecast Studio 10.2

As from March 2019 Aiolos Forecast Studio 10.2 is available for free. No less than a staggering 328 updates have been made to the release. Below you can read about the real game changer HOME Live for intraday trading, how the Weather Point Optimizer improve the day ahead accuracy with up to 10.1% for electricity load forecasts, Secure FileTransfer and so much more. View the complete list and request your free update! The only cost for you have is the time we spend on implementation.