NetSim user group meeting 2019

11-12th of November, Stockholm

Vitec welcoms you to 2019 years NetSim User Group Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.
During two days users and non-users of our Grid Simulation Software, NetSim, meet for workshops, seminars and social events. Seats are limited so reserve yours now! 

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The Agenda

Welcome to two days filled with the future of grid simulations. All agenda points are to be presented on site, but this is the line out presented in main blocks. Starting time is 12am the 11th and ending is 1pm the 12th.


Block 1

A whole new generation of grid simulations!

Soon it is here. The brand new and redesigned NetSim, version four. Our UX and development team has worked hard to bring true value to you as a professional engineer, taking away time-consuming elements, presenting data in easy and graphic ways. All so that you can put your effort in the real and important work. Making the analysis for the future!


Block 2

At your service!

Vitec Energy is much more than a software developer. Learn about how a Vitec Service Agreement could make your operations even more efficient. We include hosting services, educational services and none the less help by our simulation experts.


Block 3

A passion for teaching!

Our experts have worked with hundreds of grids and the learnings are many. Compiled, their uppermost best practice tips will be presented, so don´t miss the opportunity.


Block 3

What does our future look like?

As the leading supplier in Europe we get a lot of feedback from both users and non-users. Some of the best development ideas will be presented, and put to a vote. You will off course have the possibility to add your suggestions. If you have the best idea, you will be awarded! The main result will be a part of our road map for the coming period.


Högberga Gård


Grindstigen 5-6
181 62 Lidingö


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