DH/DC Experts On Tour

Parts of our expert team are going on a European tour to teach about district heating/cooling simulations in a number of free seminars/workshops. Are you working with planning and optimization of DH/DC? In such case, this is the event for you!

During a half day, our experts on grid simulations share their knowledge on data handling, modeling, dynamic simulations, sizing and much more. Learn all about Europe’s leading simulation tool NetSim and how to use it to get the best possible plan for your DH/DC projects.


By using the form below you can sign up for the seminars that have a set date. All event will be located at conference facilities in the city centre. More information on whereabouts, exact times etc will be distributed in a email once you have made the reservation. Bookings are free of charge, but a fee of 100EUR will be charged if cancellations are made closer than seven days prior to the event. The events are for DH/DC professionals only.



Netsim in 24 minutes

For 20 years NetSim has guided engineers in their path to build and optimize district heating / cooling grids all around the world.


08.30 - 12.00

Welcome + Coffee
Welcoming session with short introduction of the team behind NetSim.

Data extractions
What data is needed to make simulations and how do you make a future proof import to NetSim?

Scandinavian best practices
What are the most common simulation scenarios and how to solve them using NetSim?

Powerful reporting
How to save results for future use.

Dynamic simulations
How to make dynamic simulations over e.g. morning peaks or for full days.

Short term demand forecasts
How to make short term forecasts of the customer demand load day ahead.

12.00 – 13.00

At conference facility

13.00 – 15.30

OPTIONAL: Hands on with NetSim
Use NetSim on your own laptop and learn how to produce accurate static and dynamic simulations.



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