A complete energy forecasting suite

The Studio

Aiolos Forecasting Studio delivers accurate forecasts on electricity and gas demand as well as for wind, hydro and solar production.

A Powerful Studio for all Your Forecasts

Aiolos Forecast Studio is developed by the Scandinavian company Vitec to manage forecasts for TSO´s, access responsibility parties (ARP´s), trading parties and renewable energy producers. A hosted or local service together with the smart interface allow powerful configuration, forecast validation and follow up reports. All for the best user experience and the most accurate forecasts.


Discover the Smart Interface

Historical Data

Choose what historic data you would like to view. In this case two weeks of consumption data is displayed together with one or multiple weather forecasts. 


Historical Data + Forecast

A 48h forecast diplayed, together with last two weeks of historic outcome on the left side of the red line marking out current time.



Validate the automatic forecast with, in this case historic data from the same period, one and two years back.

Let Aiolos Increase Your Trading ROI.

  • Mutiple models assure a high forecast accuracy.
  • Reports for better knowledge of performance.
  • Track outcome of model improvements applied.
  • Automatic forecasts for holidays to lower cost of staff.
  • Features to target volatile series with special forecast models.
  • All your forecasts in on system decrease the time spent on a daily basis.

Forecast Validation Small Forecast Validation

Experiment with the weather dependence. In this case a simulation of a three degree Celsius increase in temperature is added. The red line in the top graph displays how the load would be effected.


Finished Forecast small Finished Forecast

After the validations this is what the forecast looks like displayed both in graph and a table form, ready to be sent directly to your trading system.



In the follow-up tab it is easy to view any period. The green line in the graph represents the forecast. The gray line is the outcome. In the down right corner key figures of the accuracy are displayed.

Let´s sum it up

  1. Easy to use
  2. Reliable forecasts every day
  3. Used by the majority of the ARPs in Scandinavian market
  4. Cloud based or local installation
  5. Offers true scalable solution for small and large corporations
  6. It´s a smart system with adaptive auto tuning of models
  7. You have the freedom to create your own models
  8. Provided by a proven market leader
  9. Trusted by TSO´s, Traders, ARP´s and Renewable Energy pioneers
  10. Offered at a fair and understandable pricing model

The True Meaning of a Studio

Aiolos Forecast Studio is not only open for the belonging forecasting models. It fits companies with an existing forecast solution as well. Aiolos connects and import any forecast model or finished forecast and becomes the hub for the forecast validation and follow up. All forecasts in one place is the key to successful and powerful operations. Users can even create their own models from scratch in the system by using the model studio functionality. Choose what parameters to include and benchmark the model against other ones.



Benefit from easy to use reports created in Aiolos Follow Up. They get key metrics on volumes, forecasting accuracy etc.

Physical traders.jpg

Physical Traders

Use Aiolos to get the most accurate forecasts for day a head and intra-day trading. Multiple models and validation tools provide the best user experience on the market.

Financial traders.jpg

Financial Traders

Use Aiolos for their long term forecasting in order to hedge and secure your derivate trading

Adaptive Models for a Booming Society


Electricity demand is forecasted with the highly accurate Aiolos model that handles +10K forecast series at the same time. Aiolos, as well as as all models are adaptive.


Gas demand is forecasted with the highly accurate Cilia model that handles +10K forecast series at the same time. 


For district heating/cooling plants the model Nestor is developed. A mixture of parameters from weather forecasts and the production plants makes this model essential for any production plant.

And a greener future

Wind Power

Your wind turbines are easily connected to Aiolos for individual or farm production forecasting. The Zephyros model even provides production forecasts for entire coutries if needed. 

Hydro Power

The model Achelous is adaptive and gives you precise forecasts on the water flow to your hydro plants.

Solar Power

Solar is a great part of the future and is off course forecasted in Aiolos with the Helios-model. Diurnal patterns are set using multiple weather parameters.