We have been working with Energy forecasting for 20 years. Aiolos Forecast Studio has been developed in close contact with the leading energy companies on the European energy market. Now we are integrating our experience with new technology such as AI and Machine Learning. 


"Our experience tell us several forecast models perform better than one, so we have developed Aiolos to be able to use multiple in-data, for example  9 weather forecast suppliers, external forecasts, R/Python integrations and also the AI / ML models. You do not need to choose what to trust. Configure it in Aiolos and let the algorithms choose the best solution for you. Sound like a black box? Don´t worry, you have full control".

- Niklas Berg, CEO

Demand Forecasting

Use Aiolos to forecast your portfolio’s electricity, gas or DH/DC consumption. Aiolos makes forecasts for intraday – day ahead, week ahead up to several years ahead.


RES Forecasting

Forecast your own production assets or the total production in a region/country – for intraday/day ahead up to 10 days ahead. Wind power, solar PV and hydro power production. All in one single system!


AI & Machine Learning

Together with our 20+ models we offer powerful AI- Machine Learning models and integrations to R/Python. You will never have to think about which ones that are most efficient for your forecast. You can run them all!

Evaluate Forecasts

Are you about to evaluate external forecast suppliers? Use Aiolos as an evaluation tool to see which is best or which combination of suppliers that performs the best.

Forecast Improvement Guarantee.png

Improve Your Forecasts With Aiolos,
or Your Money Back!

We offer a forecast improvement guarantee. This means that if we do not improve the forecast accuracy compared to your current solution you get your money back. Fill in the contact form for more information!


A Short Video of Aiolos

Watch the video where forecasting expert Magnus Fohlman introduce Aiolos Forecast Studio.



Aiolos Forecast Studio provides us
accurate electricity retail forecasts for
our trading desk. All in line with our goal
to minimize imbalance costs!

Kruno Kuljis, Physical Trading Manager, Modity



TSO, ARP, Traders and producers rely on
Aiolos Forecast Studio on a daily basis.


 Weather suppliers are included in Aiolos Forecast Studio for making consumption and production forecasts.


 Countries are represented in our customer portfolio.

Weather forecasts from 9 weather forecast suppliers

Within the Aiolos subscription, you get access to 9 external weather suppliers and their weather forecasts. These forecasts can be used all over the world - for a free number of forecast points. There after you can compare suppliers, or which combination of suppliers that performs the best for your forecast series.


Choose the Service Level you Need

We are a full scale supplier of energy forecasts. You can choose what level of usage of Aiolos that suite your company. We offer off the shelf, to fully customized solutions!

Evaluation Suite

Use Aiolos to evaluate external forecast suppliers and see which one performs the best for you or use Aiolos to find the optimal combination of suppliers for your portfolio.


✔   Evaluate external forecast system suppliers

✔   Evaluate weather suppliers

✔   Analyze optimal combinations based on accuracy & price

✔   Handle the evaluation yourself or let Vitec assist you?

✔   Automatic evaluation of the forecasts

✔   Automatic reports of forecast quality



Forecasting Suite

Use Aiolos to forecast your whole RES portfolio as well as your gas/electricity demand portfolio. Everything in one system!

✔   Forecast your own customers consumption/production

  • Electricity/gas and district heating
  • Wind Power/PV and hydro power

✔   Forecast the total consumption/production of countries

✔   Intraday, day-ahead up to year-long forecasts

✔   Local or cloud based installation

✔   Custom made imports and exports

✔   Choose between 9 external weather institutes

✔   Four AI/ML Models

✔   Create your own models within Aiolos




Forecasting Service

With our forecasting service, you do not need any forecasting tools in-house. Our experts act as your outsourced forecasting department.


✔   Vitec makes the forecasts for you,

  • Intra-day
  • Day-ahead
  • Weekly

✔   Tuning of the models

✔   Custom made exports

✔   Daily, weekly or monthly “Follow up” reports

  • Based on forecast accuracy
  • Based on costs

✔   Software access by the customer if requested

✔   Up to 9 weather forecast institutes

✔   100% custom model development by Vitec experts