Press releases

15 July 2021

Vitec Software Group AB Interim report January - June 2021

15 June 2021

Allocation of employee convertibles and warrant incentive program

29 April 2021

Sara Nilsson appointed as new CFO of Vitec Software Group AB (publ)

Latest acquisitions

Nordman & Co AB

A Swedish software company, Nordman & Co AB develops and provides the software Argus CRM, a complete sales force system for FMCG, pharmacy, food services and construction, primarily in the Nordic region.

Read more about Nordman & Co AB: Nordman & Co AB


A Swedish software company, Travelize develops and provides a complete enterprise management system for small and medium-sized travel agencies, primarily in Scandinavia. The web-based software enables travel reservations, web publishing and administration.

Read more about Travelize : Travelize

Unikum datasystem AB

A Swedish software company, Unikum provides the software Pyramid Business Studio, a complete business and enterprise system for small and medium-sized businesses. The product enables for example project management, accounting, customer care and e-commerce.

Read more about Unikum datasystem AB: Unikum datasystem AB

About Vitec

Vitec is market leader for Vertical Market Software in the Nordic region. We develop and deliver standard niche software. We grow through acquisitions of well-managed software companies. Vitec was established in 1985 as a spin-off company from the University of Umeå. Today the Group has 975 employees and had 2020 a turnover of SEK 1,313 million. The  head office and major part of the Group management team is still located in Umeå. Vitec is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Olle Backman, CEO

Vitec Software Group +46 90 15 49 00
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