For Vitec, it is important to have clear values that promote openness and transparency. We have a whistleblower system to clarify our common responsibility to practice what we preach.

At Vitec, we are committed to compliance with our guidelines, principles and laws. We want to make it possible to detect and act early on signs of any irregularities at work.

We hope that people will always feel at ease about speaking directly to one another if they see things that should not happen. But with serious irregularities, there might sometimes be a need to remain anonymous as an informant. That is why we are offering a whistleblower system together with Lantero.

The system is primarily intended to detect serious irregularities and misconduct. All reports will be processed, but if they are judged to be outside the purpose of the system, they will not be investigated according to the whistleblower channel's procedures. The informant will then be referred to another suitable party.

Cases are investigated by an internal compliance committee, or by an external independent attorney where there is a risk of conflict of interest. Feedback is provided to the group management, with suggestions for corrective action or further handling.

To make a report, go to: https://lantero.report/vitec and fill in a form with relevant information. If your cellphone has a QR reader, you can also scan the QR code below and go directly to the reporting page.