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Sustainability policy

Our sustainability efforts are based on our brand promise: “To rely on – Today and Tomorrow,” as well as on social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are to act as a facilitator of the needs of today, without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We are guided by the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development and we endeavor to contribute to the achievement of these goals. Our path to a sustainable society runs through our community support products and our wellinformed employees.

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Business model and growth strategy

Our business model is based on recurring revenue and we grow through acquisitions of mature software companies.

Market position

Vitec is a software company, developing business critical software for specific industries' unique needs – Vertical Market Software.

Our History

Vitec was founded in 1985. Lars Stenlund, Chariman of the Board, and one of our founders, tells how it all began. You will also find some important milestones in our history.

Products and Markets

Vitec has operations in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Read more about our offer in each country.

Our Mission

Enabling customers to maximize their opportunities and to develop and secure their business through business critical software.

Code of conduct

A Code of Conduct serves as an ethical compass that is based on our values, and clarifies how we are to behave as business partners, employers, employees and community citizens. All of our relationships are characterized by trust and transparency, simplicity and a product focus.


For Vitec, it is important to have clear values that promote openness and transparency. We have a whistleblower system to clarify our common responsibility to practice what we preach.

About Vitec

Vitec is market leader for Vertical Market Software in the Nordic region. We develop and deliver standard niche software. We grow through acquisitions of well-managed software companies. Vitec was established in 1985 as a spin-off company from the University of Umeå. Today the Group has 1 050 employees and had 2021 a turnover of SEK 1,571 million. The  head office and major part of the Group management team is still located in Umeå. Vitec is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Olle Backman, CEO

Vitec Software Group +46 90 15 49 00
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