Our approach to sustainable business 

Vitec Software Group develops and provides standardized software designed for various niche markets. Our products are critical to our customers’ operations and contribute to maintaining many important functions in the society. That’s why we need to keep a long-term perspective on everything we do, which is clearly expressed in our brand promise: To rely on – today and tomorrow. 

 Sustainability, defined in ecological, social and economic terms, is fundamental to our success. We are convinced that sustainability, as an integrated part of the business model and culture, is a prerequisite for creating long-term value and remaining competitive and relevant for customers, as employers and as part of society. We are committed to creating positive impact in society and reducing risks to Vitec, our customers and society. We do this through our products, a responsible operation and the expertise and creativity of our people. We are to act as a facilitator of the needs of today, without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We are guided by the Paris agreement, European Green Deal and UN’s Agenda 2030 and Global Goals for Sustainable Development and endeavor to contribute to the achievement of these goals. 

Sustainability – a driving force in the development of our products 

Vitec has an entrepreneurial-driven approach to sustainability. We turn challenges into opportunities by taking initiatives, showing responsibility and making sustainability issues a driving force in the development of our products and own operations. Our work is a continuous journey in dialogue with co-workers, customers, partners and other stakeholders. We will listen, learn, share knowledge and work together to innovate and achieve improvements, step-by-step. 

Sustainability is part of the entire value chain from development and use of our products to how we run our operations, the way we do business and collaborate with others. To structure the work and clarify its focus, we have defined four overall focus areas.

Our focus areas

Enabling products

We develop and provide software products to enable a more efficient, sustainable, resilient and inclusive society where secure and reliable operations with high data ethics is crucial .

We help our customers to succeed with their ambitions through close collaboration, innovation and continuous investments.

Empowered people

The success of Vitec Software Group depends on motivated and empowered employees with the knowledge and skills to constantly develop the business. Employees who can be proud of how their work contributes to the benefit of society.

 We believe in short decision paths, freedom under responsibility and continuous competence development so that everyone can contribute with their full potential. We believe in diversity, teamwork and a healthy work environment for increased job satisfaction and good results.


Reduced footprint

We are determined to minimize our impact on the climate and the environment, and this is considered in every decision.

We do this by continuously increase resource efficiency, reduce waste and make climate and environmentally friendly purchases. We also replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, optimize our travelling and facilitate the use of public transportation.

Responsible growth

We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business and working methods, based on trust, transparency, integrity and search for facts.

The Vitec common brand, our business model and focus on long-term profitability growth provides stability and enables sustainable investments in our products. Equally important for maintaining responsible growth is our decentralized model of how we work, control, follow up and manage risks in our business. Our brand promise “To rely on - today and tomorrow”, our values ​​and code of conduct give us valuable guidance in acting in an ethical and sustainable manner. 

We choose suppliers who act professionally and correctly. We have a long-term approach to acquisitions and acquire well-managed

companies whose products and operations are given the prerequisites to continue to evolve as part of Vitec.