Our sustainability efforts are based on our brand promise: “To rely on – Today and Tomorrow,” as
well as on social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are to act as a facilitator of the needs of today, without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We are guided by the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development and we endeavor to contribute to the achievement of these goals. Our path to a sustainable society runs through our community support products and our wellinformed employees. Our products are our foundation and our most important contribution to our sustainability efforts, because they support requisite society functions and enable the streamlining of customer processes, which in many cases results in reduced resource consumption.

Sustainability Policy

Social sustainability

Our internal and external relationships are based on openness and trust. Our Group-wide Code of Conduct is an important common foundation in our work with social sustainability.

Financial sustainability

Our business model is financially sustainable and provides the prerequisites for a long-term approach. It is based on offering software in accordance with a subscription model. This entails a safe offering for customers, while providing us with stable and predictable cash flows through recurring revenues.

Environmental sustainability

Our products digitalize and enhance the efficiency of our customers’ processes. We have the opportunity to create the conditions for enhancing resource efficiency and reducing climate impact through our products. We strive to continuously improve our proprietary operations through the sustainable and efficient usage of all resources.


Vitec’s approach to sustainable enterprise

Vitec is the Nordic leader in Vertical Market Software. We develop and deliver standardized software designed for various niche markets. Our standardized software can be used of all companies and organizations operating within a specific niche market, that is efficient and sustainable in the long-term.

Sustainability is a component of Vitec’s regular operations, it is decentralized in the same way as other operational activities. Group management follows up on sustainability efforts based on its overall focus areas, which are updated every year, in conjunction with the budget process.  

Our products are our foundation, and are the most important contributors to our sustainability efforts. They help to increase sustainability by supporting necessary society functions and enabling the streamlining of our customers’ processes, which in many cases, results in a reduction of resource usage.

Our Sustainability Policy describes our view of sustainable enterprise, and how we meet the needs of the present without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We thus provide the prerequisites – every day and in every relationship – for living up to our brand promise: To rely on – Today and Tomorrow.

Olle Backman, CEO