Our vision: Shaping a wiser and more sustainable future

In truth, many operations would simply stop without Vitec. That´s why we need to keep a long-term perspective on everything we do. Our stakeholders must be able to rely on us, both today and tomorrow, which is also expressed in our brand promise: To rely on – today and tomorrow.

Our long-term perspective is important in everything we do, regardless of whether it concerns acquisitions, employeeship, product development, or customer relationships.

Employees and talent

Vitec's talented employees are an extremely important component of our value-generation strategy. The long-term perspective is also central to our aspiration to promote sustainable employeeship, providing them with an opportunity to use their energy wisely, to grow and to maintain balance in life. Each employee is entrusted with great responsibility to contribute their specific expertise in our ongoing development efforts.

Cash flow and external capital

With our strong cash flow and external capital, we are able to both reinvest in products and make acquisitions. The continued refinement of our products is crucial to ensure that our offering will remain relevant in the future. We have a common framework for planning, implementing and following up on product development. Vitec is also a long-term player that acquires companies in order to keep them and develop them. With this approach we can grow responsibly and sustainably. Within the framework of our decentralized organization, corporate culture plays a significant role in corporate governance.

Technology and processes

We can further generate value at the in┬Čtersection of technology, employee talent and well-tested methods, processes and frameworks. Using our business model as a point of departure, with our resources we can work with a long-term approach regarding both acquisitions and refinement of our products. We are an industry player with a long-term perspective on our growth journey. We have been successfully creating stable growth and generating value for our owners and society at large over a long period of time.

Our contribution to sustainable development

We generate our largest contribution to societal development through our products.

And through our products, we also successfully contribute to the success of our customers by increasing their efficiency, quality and competitiveness. Our products create stability, availability and data security, while reducing environmental impact. Taken together, it is a matter of jobs, tax revenues, prosperity and innovation. In a circular system, we can contribute to sustainable development in society through collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement.

We are also determined to minimize our impact on the climate and the environment, which must be reflected in every decision and apply to the entire value chain.

Sustainability targets

Vitec sustainability report

Our sustainability report is included in our Annual Report.

Annual Report 2023