Our focus areas

Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals are the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the countries of the world have ever agreed upon. All actors in society have a responsibility to ensure that the goals are achieved by the year 2030.

In our materiality analysis, Vitec's business units have identified which specific goals they contribute to. As a group-wide goal, we are currently focusing on contributing to goal 13 Climate action.

Sustainability is part of the entire value chain, from the development and use of our products to the way we run and do business. This effort is a continuous journey together with our customers, partners and other stakeholders. To structure this effort and clarify its direction, we have defined four focus areas. They are specified based on where and how our business has the greatest impact on the world around us, as well as areas where we believe we can make the greatest difference. This also applies to the choice of the Global Goals linked to each focus area.

We will continue to measure our footprint based on several aspects and gradually develop our performance indicators. Certain performance indicators are measured at Group level and others are assessed for each business unit. Since we are active in a wide range of industries with a variety of needs and challenges, it is important to be able to formulate the performance indicators based on prevailing circumstances. One example is customer surveys, which are conducted and followed up at the business unit level and therefore are not included in our joint sustainability report.

Responsible growth

We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business and our working methods, based on trust, transparency, integrity and search for facts.

The common brand Vitec, our business model and our focus on long-term growth provide stability and facilitate sustainable investments in our products. Equally important for maintaining responsible growth is our decentralized model for how we work, control, follow up and manage risks in our business. Our brand promise, To rely on – today and tomorrow, our values and our Code of Conduct provide valuable guidance on how to act ethically and sustainably.

We choose suppliers who act professionally and appropriately. We also fulfill our corporate social responsibilities through a long-term approach to acquisitions. We acquire well-managed companies whose products and operations are given the prerequisites to continue to evolve as part of Vitec Software Group.

Enabling products

We develop and provide software to enable a more efficient, sustainable, resilient and inclusive society where safe, secure and reliable operation with high demands for data ethics is crucial.

We help our customers realize their ambitions through close collaboration, innovations and continuous investments.

Empowered people

To achieve success, Vitec depends on motivated and engaged employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to constantly develop the business – employees who can be proud of how their work helps to benefit society.

We believe in short decision paths, freedom under responsibility and continuous skills development to enable each individual to reach their full potential. We believe in diversity, teamwork and a healthy work environment for increased job satisfaction and good results.

Reduced footprint

Based on the materiality analysis, we have selected our climate foot­print as our sustainability priority for 2023. Our target is to reduce our climate impact by 75% from 2019 (sales-based, adjusted for inflation). We will offset the remaining emis­sions from 2023 onwards. We will be climate neutral by 2030.