What is sustainability to Vitec?

Vitec Software Group develops and delivers standardized software for various niches. Our products are critical to our customers’ operations and contribute to maintaining vital functions in society. That’s why we need to keep a long-term perspective in anything we do, which is clearly expressed in brand promise: To rely on – today and tomorrow.

Sustainability, defined in ecological, social, and financial terms, is crucial to our success. We are convinced that sustainability, as an integrated part of our business model and culture, is a foundation from which we can create long-term value and remain competitive and relevant for customers, as an employer and as part of society.

We create positive effects in society and minimize risks for Vitec, our customers and society though our products, responsible operations as well as our co-workers’ expertise and creativity. We want to be an enabler for today’s needs, without jeopardizing future generations’ opportunities. We are guided by the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal, UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and we want to contribute to reaching these goals.

Sustainability – a driver in the development of our products

Vitec has an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability. We transform challenges into opportunities by taking initiative, shouldering responsibility, and making sustainability one of the diving forces in the development of our products and in our own business. This work is a continuous journey in dialogue with co-workers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. We listen, learn, share knowledge, and cooperate to make improvements, step by step.

To focus our sustainability work to the areas where our operations have most impact and where we estimate that we can make the biggest difference, our Group Management has developed four focus areas. They are also connected to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development with clear KPI’s and activities so that we can follow-up on our results.

Agenda 2030 and the Global Goals are the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the countries of the world have ever agreed upon. All actors in society have a responsibility to ensure that the goals are achieved by the year 2030.

In our materiality analysis, Vitec's business units have identified which specific goals they contribute to. As a group-wide goal, we are currently focusing on contributing to goal 13 Climate action.