Examples from our operations

At the center of our business is always the product. For us, it's ultimately about making it easy and better for our customers and their users. In turn, it builds stronger relationships through accessibility, safety and efficiency – all things that make a difference towards a more sustainable world. Here are eight examples of products that make a difference, both for individuals and society, on the way to a sustainable world.

Reducing downtime in critical infrastructure

Vitec ALMA is a scalable and fully integrated technology and information management system that helps companies manage the entire lifecycle of production and service processes, technical information and documentation, events and maintenance. Customers are in the energy, process and food industries in Finland and some of these customers also operate globally. Many of these customers are part of Finland's critical infrastructure. In times of uncertainty, Vitec ALMA plays an important role in securing these customers’ delivery capacity and business-critical information.

– Thanks to simple and flexible information management, ALMA can prevent
unplanned production stops and reduce downtime. Our customers' main goal is to make production as stable, efficient and predictable as possible.

Juha Nissilä, CEO of Vitec ALMA.

Energy forecasting and network calculations for a global market

Vitec Energy’s software is used by companies in more than 25 countries. The business stands firmly on two legs – energy forecasts for energy companies and network calculations for district heating companies. Energy forecasts predict the coming days’ consumption and electricity production, which is the basis for active participation on Nordpool, the Nordic electricity exchange. The network calculations help district heating companies to plan investments in existing and new infrastructure.

– Our systems provide reliable and accurate forecasting along with energy storage optimization. These services are central to the energy industry right now.

Niklas Berg, CEO of Vitec Energy

More sustainable and comfortable buildings

Vabi develops and provides vertical software that contributes to sustainable and efficient energy management for the real estate and property management industry. The products have several functions such as decision support systems, user-friendly 3D simulations and energy certification for reduced climate impact. The approximately 2,000 customers are mainly located in the Netherlands.

– Our products aim to support the property management industry in designing and constructing new buildings, as well as adapting existing buildings to be more sustainable and comfortable.

Arjen Zwiers, CEO Vabi

Improving control and efficiency in the construction and property management industry

Vitec Bygg & Fastighet is Sweden’s largest provider of business systems for the construction and property management industry. The customers are located in Sweden and are both private and municipal housing companies and
commercial real estate companies, all large or medium-sized. Over 600 customers have chosen the system, which is comprehensive and adapted to the needs of the industry.

– We see that we have satisfied customers, they stay with us. We also
welcome new customers so the number of users is growing.

Magnus Persson, CEO Vitec Bygg & Fastighet

Software for a financially sustainable society

Vitec Capitex digitizes and automates complex calculations and calculations, for example in mortgage processes, which contributes to a financially sustainable development in society. The end consumers get a safer and faster mortgage process through concrete calculations about how the everyday economy is affected by their loan level. The customers can focus on creating value for themselves and the end customer instead of having their own teams that build the underlying puzzle pieces in their processes.

– We contribute to financially sustainable development in society. Our products make it easier for banks and insurance companies to comply with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines

Fredrik Glifberg, CEO, Vitec Capitex

Products that help customers achieve their visions

With the help of independent modules, the customer can create a complete business system that fulfills the needs of many different niches, for example in accounting, logistics or e-commerce, which facilitates both economic and environmentally sustainable choices. Vitec Unikum offers, among other things, a module for managing companies' environmental fees in a clear way. Vitec Unikum also works actively to reduce its own climate footprint, for example from purchases and electricity consumption.

– Our products enable our customers to realize their visions
and of course also their sustainability visions.

Annett Ahrberg, CEO, Vitec Unikum.

The right medicine at the right time and at the right dosage

Vitec Cito provides critical software for workflows in pharmacies, for example to support the integration of warehouse and robot functions. Something that contributes to both increased health and smart environmental choices in society. With the support of the software, only the exact amount of medicine prescribed is left, which reduces the medicine residues that end up in our nature. It also means that no one pays for more medicine than he or she needs and that medicine costs in society can be kept down.

– Our software helps to ensure that the customer gets the
right medicine, at the right time and in the right amount and

Kim Tingager, CEO, Vitec Cito.

Digital tools for lifelong learning

Vitec MV contributes to strengthening social sustainability by supporting literacy development in society. Today, Vitec MV's software is used by thousands of children and adults in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Reading and writing is an important key to feeling included in society, not least for newly arrived immigrants - a group that has benefited greatly from Vitec MV's digital tools. For Vitec MV, the UN's Global Goal of good education for all is a guiding principle in the business.

– Our ‘IntoWords’ software discreetly supports children and adults at school, work and in socialcontexts, where reading and writing are important.

Hans-Erik Schou, CEO Vitec MV