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Group Management

The Group management works alongside the CEO, and together they are responsible for day-to-day operations. The Group management comprises the CEO, CFO, IR Officer and COO. The Group management normally meets every month to go through the previous month's results, to update plans, guidelines and applicable decisions, and to discuss strategic issues. An extended strategy meeting is held with the Board of Directors every year, and other meetings are held as necessary. The Group management decides jointly, in accordance with the guidelines determined by the Board of Directors in the instruction regarding the division of work between the Board and the CEO, on issues that are long-term and strategic in nature, such as corporate development, marketing, financing, investments and environmental issues. The Group management also prepares issues that have to be decided by the Board.
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Lars Stenlund, CEO

Founder of Vitec (1985) together with Olov Sandberg. PhD in Applied Physics (1987) at Umeå University. Born 1958. Board member of  Umeå University, Umeå University Holding AB and Treac AB.


Olle Backman, CFO

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Uppsala University (1994). Born 1969.

Professional experience: CEO of Eitech AB. Many years of experience as CEO, CFO and board member assignments.

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Patrik Fransson, Investor Relations

Employed since 2011. Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and MBA Executive program, Stockholm School of Economics. Born 1966.

Professional experience: Logica Inc Outsourcing Director, CIO H&M, CEO CodeFactory AB.

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Gert Gustafsson, COO

Employed since 2017. Bachelor's Degree Electronic Engineering, University West 1994, Masters Degree Business Administration, Växjö University 1998. Born 1973.

Professional experience: Vice President Operations, VPO, Vitec. Various senior positions within Ericsson in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the USA, most recently as Head of Ericsson Broadcast & Media Services Nordics.