Keep it simple -simple solutions succeed

An important aspect when we take on different challenges is to try to solve it in the simple way. Sure, challenges can be big and demand a lot of thought. But even if the problems sometimes are complicated, we focus on finding a simple solution. One that works in the long run. Keeping it simple contributes to stability and balance when we take on work tasks. We prioritize and make sure that we solve the right problem. We ask ourselves: In what way will our solution contribute to the product creating value for our customers? We take it step-by-step and secure continuous feedback.

We keep it simple

We are outspoken and dare question our decisions and ways of working: Are we making this simple enough? Will we add value? Sometimes this approach actually will lead us to stop doing a certain thing.

Simplicity also means that we communicate simply and clearly. It helps us build trust. Because we are to rely on – today and tomorrow.