Our products, our foundation - Vertical Market Software

We started by solving very specific challenges. This is also how we have grown. That’s why the products are our foundation.

It all starts with the products, they are a part of our history. But they are also our future. We constantly acquire new companies with unique products, companies that solve other challenges in society.

In our joint development and innovation work, we gather around the products – regardless of business unit, team or role.

As the leading software company within Vertical Market Software in the Nordics, we constantly develop our products and ways of working, as well as ourselves as co-workers. We aim to become a little bit better every day.

When we make decisions, we base them on the facts and knowledge we have gained. Our drive is to find sustainable solutions that will work in the long run, while creating value for our customers at the same time.

It’s important that decisions are made close to the customer, by those that know and understand their operations and needs. Our co-workers who through their commitment, knowledge and competence create our business development.