Trust and transparency - collaboration and commitment favor fortune

We value openness and trust because we are convinced that they are crucial when creating strong teams. And the team is central to our shared success and our development, where de get a little bit more skilled every day while keeping things as simple as we can.

This is something where we all have responsibility; to share knowledge, learn from each other, support and encourage our colleagues and to invite to discussions. We simply put the team before ourselves because we know that we’re not alone in our work. We do this together.

Everyone is allowed to make mistakes. We know that it happens to us all and that it’s an important part of learning and growing as individuals and colleagues. Instead of pointing fingers, we see opportunities to learn and develop.

We believe that the important thing is not who says what, but what’s being said. This means that we welcome ideas and development proposals from anyone, regardless of role or team. We are convinced that we all possess high competence and sound judgement, which means that we don’t need any micromanagement. We also believe in taking large responsibility in any and all roles and, naturally, shoulder responsibility for our own development.