About selling to us

Before we decide on an acquisition, we spend a lot of time and engagement on getting to know the people in the companies. It is crucial to us that we see eye-to-eye on basic values, business model and strategies as we always acquire with a long-term perspective and the ambition to let the companies keep developing and stay part of the Group.

How does an acquisition work?
To get in touch.
The easiest way to get in touch with us is to call or email us directly.
We get to know eachother.
For us, it is important that we agree on basic values, business model and strategies because the acquisitions are made with the starting point that the company should continue to develop and remain part of the group.
Become a part of Vitec
Within the framework of our simple integration process, we tailor it together once the acquisition is completed. Everything to make it as good as possible for both you and us.

Of course, there are certain things that we look a little extra at. Here are some more important acquisition criteria from our side:

  • Software in the form of standardized proprietary products for a vertical market.
  • Stable, well-functioning business with good industry knowledge.
  • High percentage of recurring revenue.
  • Good profitability and positive cash flows.
  • Similar values and company culture.


We are entrepreneurs with a long-term perspective.

Our work with acquisition is based on a simple and transparent process. Basically, it's about us being entrepreneurs who have a dialogue with other entrepreneurs. In other words, we are not an investment company, but try to keep the acquisition process as simple as possible. Do you have questions about how we work with acquisitions? Contact me and I'll tell you more.

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