Becoming a part of Vitec

It is important to us that we get along and enjoy each other’s company. Quite like a family. We try to do what we can for it to be as simple as possible for you to become a part of Vitec.

All companies we acquire has a well-functioning business and valuable industry knowledge within their specific niche. Any changes made after the acquisition will be carefully introduced in a timely manner and in close dialogue with the local management, who are supported by the Group’s processes and infrastructure. Follow-ups are naturally performed, with shared KPI’s that steer the strategic orientation towards a large part of repetitive revenue and a clear focus on sound cash flows. Within out Group, we have shared principles for the planning and execution of product development to secure that our offering is relevant also in the future. Our decentralized way of making decisions demands that all leaders understand and act from our groupwide strategies and culture.

Decentralized decision-making – with support when and where it is needed

Our way of conducting business is based on a decentralized decision-making, where the acquired operations remain independent business units, i.e. companies, within the Group. In other words, the new company is embraced into an experienced and secure environment and becomes part of a network of colleagues with similar knowledge and experiences that are shared in various settings, while the company holds large parts of its own decision-making. After all, the company is the expert within their niche and know their customers’ needs. As a Group, we can provide surrounding support functions.

Become a part of the Vitec brand – over time

All businesses within the Group contribute to strengthening the brand Vitec. We add Vitec to the legal company name of the acquired company and gradually move to using Vitec as the brand in communications. We keep the products’ names and, based on a strategic brand analysis, communicate them towards the market from their preconditions in relation to customers and competition. When marketing the products, the brand Vitec will play an important role over time - either as the driving brand or as an endorsing brand.


We are entrepreneurs with a long-term perspective.

Our work with acquisition is based on a simple and transparent process. Basically, it's about us being entrepreneurs who have a dialogue with other entrepreneurs. In other words, we are not an investment company, but try to keep the acquisition process as simple as possible. Do you have questions about how we work with acquisitions? Contact me and I'll tell you more.

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