Previous acquisitions

We have a history of acquiring companies and based on that have developed a simple and secure process. Our companies have been given the opportunity to consolidate, grow and continue to develop from a stable foundation.

Vitec is constantly growing

Ever since 1998, we have grown through acquisitions.


LDC I-Talent Solutions B.V.

LDC develops and delivers a platform for coaches and candidates in the field of career and human resource management, reintegration, and training.


Codea Oy

The Finnish company Codea develops and delivers mission critical online field management software for emergency vehicles.


The dutch company Memorix develops and delivers collection management software for archives, digital heritage and collections.

Neagen Oy

Neagen develops and delivers medical imaging archiving and viewing solutions. The products NeaLink, NeaRIS and NeaView are central and integrated parts of healthcare IT architecture.

Entry Event Sweden AB

The software company Entry Event develops and delivers a complete business system for the hospitality industry. The customers are mainly Swedish municipalities and companies within swimming pool facilities, tourism and hospitality.

DL Systems AB

The software company DL Systems AB develops and delivers a complete booking system for the hospitality sector. The customers are mainly Swedish camping and cabin rental facilities.

Enova B.V.

Enova specializes in developing, delivering and maintaining energy management software for large businesses in the Netherlands, as well as providing grid management services.


Oy Raisoft Ltd

RAIsoft delivers digital assessment and decision-making systems for better care, primarily in Finland and Switzerland.

Docubizz ApS

DocuBizz develop and provide a SaaS solution that digitizes and automates companies’ supplier invoice management, regardless of industry.

Hotellinx Systems Oy

Hotellinx provides a niched system for hotels, restaurants, spas, and conference businesses. The poduct manages bookings, invoices, bills, and supports the daily work in the reception, sales, cleaning and other service functions.

Scanrate Financial Systems A/S

Scanrate provides Danish financial institutes, banks, lenders and pension funds with the opportunity to analyze, evaluate and risk assess all sorts of Danish bonds.

ABS Laundry Business Solutions

ABS develops, delivers and maintains an ERP application for the global laundry and textile rental industry.


Vabi Holding B.V

By acquiring Vabi, who develop and proved software that contributes to sustainable and efficient energy management for the property industry, we took our first step outside the Nordics.

Ecclesia Systemer AS

Ecclesia develops and provides a SaaS service for the administration of cemeteries, crematoria, graves and monuments in Norway and was acquired as an addition to our business unit Vitec Agrando.

Nordman & Co AS

Nordman & Co develops and provides the software Argus CM, which is a complete sales support system for grocery stores, retailing, pharmacies, catering and building suppliers, primarily in the Nordics.

Unikum datasystem AB

Unikum provides the software Pyramid Business Studio, which is a complete business and operations system for small to medium sized businesses.

Travelize international AB

Travelize develops and provides a complete business system for small and medium sized travel agents, primarily in Scandinavia.


NexGolf Oy

NexGolf offers a business system for golf clubs in Finland.

Appva AB

Appva offer their customers a system for mobile and digital signing of medication within municipal care.

LJ System AB

LJ System provides products for church activities and preschools.

ALMA Consulting Oy

ALMA develops and delivers software for information management to the processing industry and energy companies in Finland.

Visiolink Management ApS

Visiolink provides a publishing system for digital versions of printed media, such as newspapers, to media companies.


HK data AS

HK data develops industry systems for child and youth operations, in the health and welfare secto in Norway.

M&V Software Oy

M&V’s products are offered to church activities in Finland.

Odin Systemer AS

Odin Systemer delivered products to hair and beauty salons in Norway.


WIMs stands for Web Insurance Management systems and offer solutions for the insurance industry in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Avoine Oy

Avoine has products for sports associations and trade unions in Finland.


Smart Visitor System AB

The company delivers a holistic solution for bookings, visiting and subsidies in municipalities and visitor facilities.

Cito IT A/S

Cito delivers systems for pharmacies. The solution enables pharmacies to have the right medicine at the right amount in the right time.

Agrando AS

Agrando delivered systems for churches and religious communities in Norway.

PP7 Affärssystem AB

PP7 Affärssystem provide their customers with a complete solution for medium sized to large project companies in the construction and installation, supporting anything from bookkeeping and project management to timesheets and mobile work orders.


MV Nordic

MV Nordic delivers a product for learning to read and write. Customers are found in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It is obviously a great help for people with dyslexia, but it really supports any and all and will enhance their abilities in areas regarding skills in reading and writing, such as theses and reports.


Plania AS

Plania delivers a system for construction and property management in Norway, for both small and large customers. Their software manages all sorts of management, operations and maintenance of properties and production equipment.

Futursoft Oy

Futursoft has products that support within spare parts, car repairs as well as sales of heavy machinery and machine equipment. Customers are found in both Finland and Sweden.

Tietomitta Oy

Tietomitta delivers a product for waste management, recycling and recovering of resources, which improves the customers’ environmental work. The company has both private and municipal customers in Finland.


Nice AS

Nice delivers a system to manage all aspects of insurances, both life and non-life insurances, in Norway and Sweden.

Infoeasy AS

Infoeasy provided an e-commerce system for workshops, stores, wholesalers, and transport companies within the automotive industry in Norway.

Datamann A/S

Datamann provides car dealers, car workshops and the property industry in Denmark with systems to manage the needs in each industry.

Fox Publish AS

Fox Publish delivered a system for real estate agents in Norway and Sweden, where they in a simple way could produce marketing material.


Aloc A/S

Aloc delivers products for the banking and finance industry in the Nordics and Western Europe.

AutoData Norge AS

Autodata provided an e-commerce system for workshops, stores, wholesalers, and transport companies within the automotive industry in Norway



Acute works with caregivers in Finland, within both the private and public sector.


Midas Data AS

Midas delivered a business system to Norwegian real estate agents.


IT-Makeriet A/S

IT-Makeriet delivered industry specific business systems for real estate agents.


Capitex AB

Capitex works towards the banking and financial industry, primarily in Sweden but with some business in Norway and Finland.


3L System AB

3L System developed standardized systems for the construction, property and media industries in Sweden.


Svensk FastighetsData AB

Svensk FastighetsData was the market leader in Sweden within software support for real estate agents.


IBS Vertex AB

IBS Vertex AB was one of the leading suppliers to the Swedish property industry.

Veriba AB

Veriba offered the business system Balans, developed by themselves, and had a market leading position among newspaper and magazine companies in Sweden.


Deva Invision AB

Deva Invision was Sweden’s leading supplier of internet applications for the property and housing industries.


Minator AB

Minator marketed software, developed by themselves, for the property industry and industrial companies in Sweden.


PCX Datasystem

PCX Datasystem developed systems for customers in the property industry.


Bra Administration Sollentuna AB

Bra Administration Sollentuna AB

We are entrepreneurs with a long-term perspective.

Our work with acquisition is based on a simple and transparent process. Basically, it's about us being entrepreneurs who have a dialogue with other entrepreneurs. In other words, we are not an investment company, but try to keep the acquisition process as simple as possible. Do you have questions about how we work with acquisitions? Contact me and I'll tell you more.

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