The people & the culture

There are many functions that are crucial in a society, things we may not always have top-of-mind but that simply must work. At Vitec, we work with exactly that kind of business-critical software. To succeed, we need to stay humble for the task and continuously strive to develop ourselves as well as our products and the business. We take on challenges and celebrate successes as a team. Our customers – and their customers – rely on us, today and tomorrow. Because without Vitec, their operations stop.

A common ground makes us stronger – together

At Vitec, we are guided by our values and our brand promise – To rely on, today and tomorrow. It is our way of working and it is reflected in everything we do and in every decision we make.

For us, everything starts with the products. They are part of our history, but also our future. We continuously acquire new companies with unique products that solve specific challenges in society. That’s why all business units with Vitec have a common ground and clear purpose: we all come from the same entrepreneurial background and want to contribute to business-critical products that do good in society. And in all honesty, there are many businesses that would stop without Vitec. Which is why we truly need to have a long-term perspective on everything we do.



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